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Massage Outcall minimum requirement $60

*The minimum requirement may be reduced when 3 or more hours are reserved.

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Massage Outcall Mileage: $3 Every 5 miles outside of 5 mile radius

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Massage Outcall Plans

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One time Occasion
: Massage always always always brings a great value to just about any occasion. Massage is a very cost effective savy investment for the host because everyone LOVES!  a massage and that means your event is likely to be a success!

Regular scheduled outcalls
: More and more businesses realize that regular massage for their employees improves job satisfaction and loyalty. Regular massage for employees offers a financial advantage as well due to a significant drop in sick leaves and doctor visits. 

We can bring a table/chair or mat massage(Thai Massage) to events such as and not limited to:



Church gatherings

Private Parties

Small Businesses

Minimum of $ 60 (covers first 60 minutes) needs to be reserved and prepaid. 

$3 extra for every 5 miles outside of a 5 mile radius of our NRH location needs to also be prepaid. We travel free of charge within this 5 mile radius.

After those payments are made we offer flexible plans for your particular situation.

Tip Plan:  Every hour starting with the second hour $45 covered by the event organizer. Also, when you prepay for 2 hours, the therapist(s) can stay an extra half hour and do massages for tips only. You will need to pay $45 for the next hour if you decide that you want him/her to stay after that 30 minute grace period.

30 minute Plan : Every half hour after the 1st hour is $15 plus $5 for every 10 minute massage actually given.  This means you can split the cost with your guests and let them pay when they receive their massage.  We reserve the right to leave  if it gets slower than two 10 minute. massages per therapist per half hour.