Vacuum Cupping has been shown to erase or reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, treat sinus infections and tone face muscles in just one treatment.

Beauty and Relaxation

*Shhh… Dont Tell Anyone… Our massage and skincare creams, lotions, serums, scrubs, masks and peels offer the additional bonus benefit of nourishing your skin, thanks to our special blends of 100% natural organic and/or food grade ingredients. Some ingredients used are mango and Shea butter, seaweed, raw honey and jojoba oil, and essential oils clinically proven to help nourish and rejuvenate your skin from inside out 😀

Here are some beauty care packages recommended for you :

Bikini Body Summer Cellulite Massage Package,

Head to Toe Spa Package: Exfoliating Scrub, Massage, Facial
Rejuvenating Face & Scalp Massage
gentle lymph flushing and skin firming, anti aging techniques with hot towel/aromatherapy
20 minute $40 / 40 min $69/ can also be added to or included as part of a body massage(1hr and up)

Organic Facial  (Now with Vacuum Cupping!!!)$35/ mini facial, $70/full facial
Individualized treatments for problem and mature skin, teenagers and adults, men and women.
All skin creams contain only natural food grade ingredients, such as essential oils, omega 3 and other essential fatty acids and chosen in accordance with the latest skincare research available. Consult with your aesthetician for your customized solutions.
Some treatments available: basic facial, anti-wrinkle, firming, masks and peels

Vacuum Cupping has been shown to erase or reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, treat sinus infections and tone face muscles in just one treatment. Learn more about cupping here…

Limited time skin elasticity cupping package << << <<

Herbs & Minerals Foot Soak Scrub & Massage
Lemon/Clay remineralizing soak, exfoliating Himalayan sea salt scrub, foot massage with moisturizing Shea Butter and essential oils of Peppermint & Tea Tree
25 min $49/ 50 min $69(extra 25 min massage)

Body Contouring Massages:

Organic Cellulite Massage
detailed deep tissue massage, special emphasis on stomach, thighs back & front, and glutes.
1 hr $75 / 90 min $110

Honey Massage and/or Cupping
Honey Massage gently grabs fascia and deeper dermal layers and smooths them out. Its a very relaxing massage that leaves your skin soft, hydrated and noticeably smoother.   Honey cup consists of a spanking technique or tapotement and suction action using raw local honey. Its a vigorous technique that involves creating a vaccum with the palm and pulling tissue up.  Improves uneven collagen fibers linked to the appearance of cellulite. leaves your skin flushed, a super circulation boost and release of toxins from deep inside the dermal layers. Honey will change color to grey as impurities get pulled out to the surface using special suction technique, great as an effective cellulite treatment by itself or in addition to cellulite massage. Clients normally tolerate only a few minutes of honey cupping on any one area but build tolerance with subsequent sessions. When done in short bursts honey cupping is quite invigorating and pleasant. Honey massage and honey cupping are both a greta way to beat cellulite and attain a bikini body 😉
30 minute $49/1 Hr $89/90 min $130/2 Hr $180

Bristle Brush Massage
natural fiber brush gently exfoliates and gently stimulates lymph and blood circulation throughout your body, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. A milder substitute to honey cup and an alternative to lymph drainage massage, and can be used to enhance your results from both therapies.
30 min minute face or body $35/ 40 min full body $45

New!!! Bristle Brush and Honey Massage Duo

30 min $45/ 60 min $75 / 90 min $ 120 / 2 Hr $169

Honey Massage can be done with or without Honey Cupping. This treatment offers an incredible opportunity to improve all stages of cellulite at the cellular level. Honey cup (optional)consists of a spanking technique or tapotement and suction action using raw local honey. Your skin will feel aflush with reactivated blood circulation.   Natural plant bristle brush distributes the newly activated blood supply and lymph and feels invigirating and very pleasant.
No invasive procedures required and you will feel amazing!  Learn more…30 min $39/1 Hr $69/90 min $99/2 Hr $139

Lymph Drainage
gentle detox massage, light pulsating strokes used to reach into the deeper lymphatics. Helps reshape breasts tissue, help rid of excess weight, rejuvenate the face. Great for recovering smokers, those taking regular medications,etc. Conditions treated: allergies, sinusitis, bladder infections, other genitourinary problems, edema, and more. Has been reported to reduce likelihood of breast cancer.
20 minute face or body $40/ 40 minute body $65 / 1hr full body and face $79
Please take a look at our policy and a list of massage and services contraindications prior to booking. If you have further questions please call us at 817.918.4075.