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Inner Thigh Work Out Aerial Massage

aerial silks~dont have to be the strong skillful acrobat  to give a great massage while getting full body work out

Inner Thigh work out with Aerial Silks

Watch your Inner Thigh Work Out Aerial Massage Tutorial Now 🙂
Do you know you can deliver a deep one of a kind inner thigh massage using aerial silks?

You dont have to be an acrobat with unparalleled inner thigh grip either!

You can feel free fluid and confident in silks at ground level.  You can give someone a massage of their dreams with your feet firmly  planted… 😉  Aerial silks ashiatsu lends perfectly to the consistently penetrating yet smooth pressure needed for good inner thigh massage, in addition to toning your own body 🙂

Massage out any stubborn knot with ease!

Aerial Massage vs Regular Ashiatsu

So whats the secret of aerial balance of effortlessness and precision? if you have done massage with your feet you know holding on to something sturdy provides a safety net for yourself and your client. Customarily one holds on to with their arms only, which offers that stability but your weight falls 100% on your feet. Angling your pressure is limited because your body cannot comfortably tilt back without losing quality of pressure or compromising your body mechanics.

Body mechanics is everything to the longevity of your body’s function and therefore your massage career. Sitting in aerial silks allows your body to swing back to achieve the angling you need to hit a muscle from various angles rather than just straight down. You are able to stay very comfortable as you release all your body weight into that pressure through your feet. Suspended yet grounded, all strokes feel smooth and relaxed because your body stays relaxed in the midst of a low impact full body work out!


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