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Want to have a bikini body by getting rid of cellulite? This is the package for you:

Complete Bikini Body Package:dry brush, cupping, cellulite massage with honey, lymph drainage, breathing exercises,  complimentary detox snack!

Bikini Body Cellulite Duo: dry brush and cellulite massage-basic essentials! at least 5 sessions recommended.  See link below for bulk pricing

Bikini Body Honey massage: grabs fascia and smoothes it out. feels absolutely relaxing. amazing soft hydrated skin afterwords! 

Learn more about how to rid of cellulite naturally 😉
*Once you try it and love your results its a good idea to get several of these in less than 1 week increments to see the best results. Check out these Massage Quantity Discount Packages!!!

Benefits of cupping:

  1. blood circulation and qi energy flow
  2. joint mobility and stiff muscles
  3. cough and bronchial congestion
  4. chronic and acute pain from fibromyalgia, sciatica, arthritis , learn about how to tell whats causing your knee pain when climbing stairs. Treat arthritis , fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders with noninflammatory foods 
  5. acute and chronic inflammation
  6. immune boost
  7. cellulite, stretch marks, scars
  8. contour, firm and tone skin
  9. shorten recovery time from sports injury
  10. improve athletic performance
  11. digestion and cramps
  12. reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety
  13. sleep

Benefits of dry brushing:

  1. exfoliate dead skin
  2. stimulate lymphatic system(detox highway)
  3. cellulite: stimulate cell regeneration and break down of toxins under the skin
  4. unclog pores
  5. helps skin absorb nutrients from air and products
  6. stress relief
  7. accelerate healing

No wonder dry brushing is an important part of our all natural facials too!

Additional information

Bikini Body Summer Cellulite Massage Package

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