PostIndependence Day Symbolism and Massage

Independence Day Symbolism

Independence Day Symbolism

Independence Day Symbolism & Massage

Independence day symbolism reaches everyone on a personal level. Its freedom in society, choices, digestion and overall well being, ability to have regular stools, freedom over  emotions, and relationships, among other things.

This independence day I had the pleasure of doing a massage on top of a Texas flag. That was unexpected, I ran out of white sheets and the only alternate sheets I had were these colors 🙂  So to commemorate this date full of symbolism for not just Americans, I did this little photo shoot.   This Independence day massage done with feet, ashiatsu style, covered body and face! yes!

Independence to Choose Massage

My client works just like I do on independence day, because he just like I enjoys his craft. Yes Its a good feeling having the ability to give someone an hour or so of pure relief to another day of serious thinking.  Its true that many enjoy the cushiony soft cloud of family and relatives as a child that transforms into you becoming the cushion. Its a wonder how that transformation happens. Yes just like life itself thats the miracle that you have become! Lets celebrate your independence day symbolism of adulthood!  Whats better than choosing to get pampered by your one and only beloved blushing massage therapist ?

Independence Day Symbolism

Independence Day Aerial Ashiatsu Massage

Face Massage with Feet

Yes, I said it.  Ashi Facial massage feels amazing.. just ask  my client. The straight down pressure provides the perfect angle for gripping the skin and its underlying fascia. In effect ashiatsu is the perfect catalyst for myofascial massage for the face in particular. The firm all encompassing hold feels like a giant palm, comfortable and and therapeutic.  Also,  ashi facial massage erases headaches, improves skin elasticity, dewrinkles,  a natural botox alternative.  You may drift off into private reverie or even a nap. No matter, once youve had  your ashi facial massage you simply will want another one! Anyway, just try it, dont be a wimp and leave that foot phobia at the door.  You will feel accomplished for having braved yourself, trying something new and to have reaped the pampering you didnt imagine 😉 And now that youre aware of you particular independence day symbolism and having celebrated with  massage and ashi facial … fireworks!!!


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