*Shhh… Dont Tell Anyone… Our massage and skincare creams, lotions, serums, scrubs, masks and peels offer the additional bonus benefit of nourishing your skin, thanks to our special blends of 100% natural organic and/or food grade ingredients. Some ingredients used are mango and Shea butter, seaweed, raw honey and jojoba oil, and essential oils clinically proven to help nourish and rejuvenate your skin from inside out ūüėÄ

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Specialty Massages:

NEW!!!Honey Massage: Body Contour, Detox, Muscle Tension:honey replaces lotion, due to its ability to achieve suction and special kind of friction. Honey allows pumping out, a suction technique specific to honey massage. Pumping out, or cupping, visibly boosts circulation to the area worked and facilitates detox. (Impurities will actually change the color of honey from amber to to grey as its being worked.) Gentle skin stretching techniques improve connective tissue alignment and muscle tone. Because skin partially absorbs products it comes in direct contact with, your skin will also benefit from the topical use of unrefined, raw honey which contains nutrients commonly associated with the benefits of ingesting honey.
Honey massage can be used on any part of the body. Learn More…
Cleopatra Honey Massage: unrefined raw local honey – accentuates the detox and skin toning benefits: $55/30 min, $75/one hr, $110/90 min, $149/2 hr
All Natural Honey Massage: $45/30 min, $69/one hr, $99/90 min, $139/2 hr

***When using a special promotion, coupon, or discounted rate additional fee applies: $5 / 30 min, $10 hourly, $15 / 90 min, $20/ 2 hr long sessions.****
NEW!!!Ashiatsu Massage Therapy with Feet:

 Basic Ashiatsu:  Ashiatsu is the deepest pressure massage you will ever experience.  The pressure penetrates deepest muscle layers while feeling very comfortable.  Great for chronic pain or sudden intense discomfort in back, chest, hips and legs. Body realignment is possible with this work.  Organic lotions or oils. We also offer manual deep tissue massages available on our popular massages page.    60 min $85


NEW!!!Roller Ashiatsu Massage : Foam Roller + Ashiatsu= Great tool combined with deep pressure! Lets face it, there is always some deep stubborn spot or two you just cant get with foam roller! Its basically Your foam Roller on Steroids or Ashiatsu gone roller skating ;)!!! $75/hr or bring your own $60/ hr
Watch a demo!

NEW!!!Nurturing Face Massage with Organic Full Body Ashiatsu : full body massage + nurturing face massage with 100% natural botanical skin serum and Irish moss honey cream. Face massage boosts collagen production, tones and sculpts, brings out that je ne c’est quoi in you ūüėČ !!! 70 min $120


Organic Ashiatsu Spa Arometherapy : full body massage & Foot/Hand Spa using natural peppermint, tea tree essential oils and shea butter, sea salt scrub and Hot Towel Treatment 70 min $120

Organic Ashiatsu Stone Relaxation: full body massage & Basalt Hot Stones gliding over muscles using organic oils/lotion experience warm soothing comfort for your mind and body  70 min $120

Organic Ashiatsu Exotic Therapy: full body massage & Natural Fiber Brush for increased blood flow to problem areas or Tibetan Rose Acupressure- invigorating to your senses yet induces calm tranquility to your mind 70 min $120


NEW!!!Tui Na Injury/Arthritis Massage:

Tui na is a revolutionary non invasive manual therapy that reduces the intensity and recovery time by as much as 30 times!  Tui Na is the best kept secret of professional athletes.  Injuries commonly treated are sprained ankles, knee and rotator cuff injuries, and back trauma.  Tui na works magic on arthritic knees.   $79 60 min $120 90 min

NEW!!!Thai Stretch Massage:

Thai massage works on fascia and muscle flexibility, while also working deep into muscle layers.  Flexibility is vital for proper muscle development, injury prevention and good blood flow throught your body. $79 60 min $120 90 min[/one_half]

Body Alignment Massage:

Myofascial release is a massage for realigning your whole body.  Myofascial massage works on the root cause of pain and helps you enjoy a pain free life longer between sessions with increasingly milder recurring episodes.  Myofascial release is a long term equivalent of a chiropractic adjustment. This gentle slow work reeducates the body to be properly aligned and is wonderful  for absolutely everybody. $79 60 min $120 90 min


~Detox and Beauty~

Organic Cellulite Massage:

deep detailed work on problem areas of glutes, thighs, abdomen and arms.  Suggested in conjunction with dry brushing and  honey cup treatments on our Beauty Care page. $65 60 min $95 90 min

Detox Massage:

detox massage works the lymph system which is responsible for ridding our bodies of toxins.  Lymph drainage massage is super gentle moving superficial lymph and thereby stimulating deeper lymph channels.  People with edema water retention, smokers, and those taking medications need to cleanse their lungs, liver and lymph channels regularly. Lymph drainage has a medical as well as a beauty purpose. It  is a great preventative therapy for disease and helps allergies, prostate,uterus and bladder, cleanses and improves the appearance of breast tissue. $65 60 min $95 90 min

NEW!!!Cupping Massage: Recover from Injuries, Expell Toxins, Break up Old Adhesions: Cupping Massage shares many benefits with Honey Cupping. Both offer therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. However, cupping massage has a predominantly therapeutic application as its intensity can be more or less intense depending on the condition treated. Cupping can effect tissues up to 4 inches deep and help the body expell accumulated toxins, break up old adhesions and bring fresh blood flow to all tissues.
Learn more about honey cupping here

$35/30 min, $65/one hr

NEW!!!Four Hand Massage: Feel the embrace of the majestic choreography: two pairs of hands! mirroring each other and at times executing separate strokes that accentuate the other and bringing out individuality of both therapists. Great way to calm a busy mind. A massage you will never forget!

$130: one hr

Here are other great massages we offer!


Skylight Massage and Skincare is a spa North Richland Hills, TX. We offer specialty massages above as well as well known favorites like hot stone massage and Lomi Lomi Swedish!